4 Best Rosamund Pike Movies to Binge-Watch This Weekend

Source: pagesix.com

Today’s world cinema is proven to be exposed to all kinds of hyperproduction.

Hyperproduction of films and TV shows, which often, with their enormous numbers, bring down the artistic quality and lose their meaning. That was not the case with Rosamund Pike.

This Englishwoman, a classic beauty, similar to the blondes from Hitchcock’s films, restrained and rather cold-looking, immediately sealed her first appearance in the James

Bond series with the award for best debutant. The actress, since her youth, went through a long series of TV movies and series in England, she got the chance to try herself as Bond’s girlfriend in Die Another Day. Not only was she up to the role and won the award, but there was a rumor that she was the only Bond girl to graduate from Oxford. She continued to play a number of new roles and for many of them she was nominated and awarded the biggest prizes.

Her roles are so diverse and her oeuvre encompasses many film genres, so a weekend binge-watch would not be monotonous and boring at all.

1. Die another day

James Bond and his business and private adventures are never boring, so it’s always fun to watch some fierce action, chasing around different parts of the world, spiced with witty remarks and dialogues.

2. Pride and prejudice

Here is Rosamund Pike in a completely opposite role. Romantic drama by Jane Austin, where Rosamund captivates in the role of Elizabeth Bennet, one of the sisters for marriage, whose mother is looking for potential grooms, and they knit and untie her strings, falling in love spontaneously and to their taste and desire. Humor, love sufferings, quarrels, different characters and temperaments of the five sisters will entertain you if you include this film on the binge-watch list.

3. Hostiles

Another costumed drama by Rosamund Pike, but this time it is not England, but the American Wild West, and it is not a romantic comedy, but a bitter and tragic image of a time, people and their destinies. In 1892, a celebrated warrior, Captain Joseph Blocker was tasked with escorting and protecting the warlord Cheyenne, who was seriously ill with cancer, and his family from New Mexico to Montana, where he would join his tribe.

Accompanied by several of his soldiers and comrades-in-arms, he embarks on this mission.

Through various difficulties and troubles, struggling to overcome various obstacles, he meets along the way a young Rosalie Quaid, an unhappy woman, who lost her husband and three children in the onslaught of Comanche. Frozen in her pain and disbelief, she joins them and survives new torments, all brilliantly interpreted by the talented Rosamund Pike.

According to the Scott Cooper Miami Beach, running times is 135min so you have two hours to enjoy this movie.

4. Gone Girl

You must not skip the legendary psycho thriller by David Finzer, Gone girl, where Rosamund played the role of a villain. A beautiful, intelligent, original woman writer, married to Ben Affleck, devises a serious, intricate and intriguing story about her disappearance. Everybody is looking for her. Police husband, parents, friends, is on TV shows, her city is covered with flyers with her face… Is the husband a killer, what was their relationship really like… you will find out all this in this exciting thriller, unknowingly stuffing popcorn in your mouth. Cold-blooded Amy Dunne, with the mind of a top psychopath, has concocted an incredible adventure. This is a film not to be forgotten, and Rosamund’s amazing role, too.


Many of the films of this talented actress could be included in the bindge list, and it would take you at least three weekends. Her appearance, interpretations of various roles really deserve attention. She doesn’t seem to lack British eccentricity in reality either. With her statement that she ‘bury her awards in the garden` and can’t look at them on the shelves and live with them’, she left us to wonder if it’s true or just a joke.