How Did Wow Become the Most Popular RPG?


World of Warcraft is a well-known and quite popular online game by Blizzard Entertainment. For more than 15 years, WoW has held the leading position among other RPGs. Despite the criticism of opponents, the developers don’t want to give up and constantly replenish their valuable resource with new interesting additions and features.

It’s no surprise that WoW is so popular today. After all, its history is a continuous development, including countless changes and additions that the owner of the project introduced exclusively in the interests of gamers.

So, in 2024, the developers were able to please a huge army of players with the latest creative development called Shadowlands. Together with it, they introduced numerous interesting locations, mechanics and characters living in a constantly changing world of exciting adventures.

Today it’s difficult to find a fan of computer games who knows nothing about the famous World of Warcraft. But now the fantasy universe, so beloved by everyone, has changed a lot. Many continuous updates and innovations have greatly transformed its look, creating a completely new environment that would have been completely unfamiliar to the first WoW gamers. But you still can use World of Warcraft boost service to make your playing easier.

World of Warcraft is increasingly suitable for beginners


The history of this game includes a number of changes, thanks to which it became more accessible to beginners. Despite the emergence of qualitatively new features, as well as fresh and interesting content, this popular development is becoming more attractive and accessible to a wide range of gamers, which is one of the main reasons for its popularity.

The current version has a friendly intuitive interface which provides players with a lot number of realizable chances and strategies. They can now choose from thirteen races and twelve classes. And this is not the limit. Gamers can now change the specialization of their class at any time, which determines the entire nature of the game, in particular the set of available skills.

The newcomers were also pleased with the recently appeared scaling system. Thanks to it, the gamer can now boost their character being in one location and, consistently completing all tasks, learn the main content. As a result, such a successful innovation attracts more and more novice gamers.

When you become uninterested in the original location, the map will offer you other unusual countries with a more meaningful plot and increased requirements for your skills.

World of Warcraft with its limitless content will be interesting even for those players who managed to go through all its famous places. It’s very difficult to list all the add-ons, global stories and extras introduced into this game over the entire period of its existence. Of the most striking, we cannot fail to mention:

  • Burning Crusade;
  • Wrath of the Lich King;
  • Illidan Stormrage;
  • Arthas Menethil;
  • Cataclysm;
  • Mists of Pandaria, and many more.

Mastering a new level or location, players of previous versions could choose which story character to be and in which battles to participate. The later Legion add-on marked the beginning of modern WoW releases, and Battle for Azeroth became the most modern version of the game. However, this release is usually purchased separately. The latest additions make the most meaningful stories and locations available. Also, you can choose the most useful items for your class in them.

WoW development: from simple to complex


Many of today’s users face the fact that they can boost their skills faster, but at the same time it is difficult for them to understand the scenario of the game. In older versions, the story was presented differently: every locality had its own legend, which was not always reflected in the plot. For instance, the player’s mission was to destroy the insidious wolves and save the inhabitants of a small town from tyranny. Such tasks weren’t very attractive to all gamers, especially those who aspired to fight only with worthy and serious rivals like the Lich King or Deathwing. But circumstances changed radically with the release of Warlords of Draenor and all subsequent add-ons.

The scenario has become more meaningful and complex, and any task is now accompanied by great videos and the ability to talk to your enemy. Thus, WoW gradually became a game where the main point is the storyline. Today, gamers can finally enjoy exciting adventures and fight against insidious rivals. The initial parts of Battle for Azeroth and Legion are now reminding of a well-edited feature film with interesting characters, striking dynamic storylines and lots of special effects.

But you will only be able to watch the most interesting part of this film at the 90th level and only if you are ready to boost your character infinitely long.

New rules for Shadowlands


Blizzard corporation’s WoW developers have long understood that in order for their creation to grow in popularity, it is first necessary to create more attractive conditions for beginners. Therefore, the newest version of Shadowlands has included several important additions to make life much easier for novice gamers of Azeroth.

Thus, beginners can quickly learn the game using a special interface. Over the course of several “lessons,” gamers learn all the intricacies of the WoW gaming world. During the first easy missions, new members can defeat “easy” opponents and learn about the abilities of various classes. In addition, they will be allowed to roam the dungeon with a formidable but not very dangerous boss.

Next, newbies get into Battle for Azeroth — one of the latest add-ons. The newest level reduction system gives the players who are just studying the World of Warcraft the chance of maximum boosting. Subsequently, they will very quickly be able to experience all the benefits of Shadowlands. Thanks to such opportunities, gamers no longer have to go to uninteresting and outdated locations. Instead, they face worthy rivals at the most relevant levels. Meaningful videos will help them understand the plot as they convey the entire story of a certain part of the game and its strategy.

No, old favourites like Wrath of the Lich King will not disappear anywhere but will become optional. For example, players who have studied the content of Battle for Azeroth far and wide will be able to create a new character and address to the ambassador of the bronze dragons called Chromie. This talkative time keeper will gladly transfer the character to any of the outdated add-ons and will help them reach the maximum level studying locations and stories.