25 Best Games like My Time at Portia for Mobile and PC [2023]


This page contains 25 games like My Time at Portia for Mobile and PC [2023]. Each game has been selected by a panel of game enthusiasts. The panel consisted of 5 members, and each member was given the task of choosing the top game for each category. For each game, the panelists were asked to rate the game on a scale from 1 to 10, where 1 meant “I dislike the game” and 10 meant “I love the game”. The results are shown in the table below.

[2023] is the year My Time at Portia for Mobile and PC [2023] comes out. The game has been a long time coming, with many delays and setbacks along the way. [2023] is a first person, open-world, narrative-driven, adventure game that follows the story of an eight-year-old girl named Lucy as she discovers the mystery of her past while growing up in the fictional town of Portia.

We’ve all played games that are a little too easy or a little too hard. Whether that’s because you have a bad streak or you’re just unlucky, one thing is for certain: if you want to have the best time gaming on your phone, you need to know how to find the right level for you. In this article, we’re going to help you find the best games like My Time at Portia, so you can truly enjoy your adventures.

There are a plethora of simulators and indie games to choose from in each category. My Time at Portia is the result of combining two genres. This is an independent game with aspects of a farming simulator and a life simulator rolled into one. It’s a great game to play, and it’s available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC. If you’re seeking for more games like My Time at Portia, here are 25 options for mobile (Android and iPhone) and PC.

Pathea Games created My Time at Portia, which was launched in 2018. The game was supposed to get a new DLC expansion, but it looks like it’ll be a sequel called My Time at Sandrock now. The sequel is currently available as early access on Steam, with a release date slated for later this year. If you’ve completed playing My Time at Portia and are looking for something to do while you wait for the sequel, have a look at the list of games that are similar to My Time at Portia.

For PC, there are games like My Time at Portia.

Stardew Valley is number one.

The first game on the list is Stardew Valley. This is a nice farming simulator game in which your grandfather gives you an old plot of land. You’ll have to transform this overgrown field into something useful. You must learn to survive off the produce that you raise, armed with a set of tools. Stardew Valley, once a bustling and dynamic town, has come to a halt due to the Joja Corporation, and it is up to you to restore the valley to its former glory.

Games like My Time at Portia

There is a lot to see and do in the game. Raising farm animals, exploring tunnels, and crafting various farm tools are just some of the things you can do. What’s more, you can play with up to three other people, with whom you can share various resources. It is, without a doubt, a very enjoyable game. We’ve also put up a list of games that are similar to Stardew Valley, which you can check out right now. The game is available for $14.99 on Steam.

Sun Haven No. 2

Sun Haven contains farming simulator components, just like My Time at Portia. You can not only farm, but also cook, forge, mine, and make numerous objects, as well as explore three other worlds within the game. The game follows in the footsteps of Stardew Valley, but with the inclusion of dragons and monsters. There are seven different character races to choose from, as well as a lot of customization options, which is ideal for these kind of games.

Games like My Time at Portia

Whether you’re playing a single game or an online multiplayer option with seven other players, everyone wants to stand out. There are RPG aspects as well, such as side quests and a skill tree that allows you to enhance your character as you move through the game. You can even have pets on your farm if that isn’t enough. Pixel Sprout Studios created the game, which was launched in 2024. Sun Haven is available for $24.99 on Steam.

Littlewood, No. 3

Littlewood is the next game on our list of games like My Time at Portia. Go ahead and rebuild your village while exploring Littlewood’s numerous worlds. While constructing your town, you must also persuade the locals to relocate and live in your newly constructed community. Prepare to customize your town by harvesting various materials, unlocking various structures, and fulfilling the desires of the people that reside there. The game has a lot going on to keep you occupied while also allowing you to enhance your town.

Games like My Time at Portia

Littlewood itself features vibrant graphics, and the sheer number of tasks you must complete will keep you engrossed in the game. Oh, and while you’re busy developing your town, you get to make some pals who will help you rebuild it, go on adventures, and even produce various sorts of potions for your village. Sean Young created Littlewood, which will be released in 2024. The game is available for $14.99 on Steam.

4. Hunter

The list of games that are comparable to My Time at Portia goes on and on. Crafting, farming, and exploring are all included in Forager. Within the game, you can take on a variety of jobs. You can be a gatherer, a merchant, a farmer, an adventurer, or even a builder in this game. The game is a lot of fun, and the colors and character designs make it appear to be a kid’s game at first glance.

Games like My Time at Portia

You can level up, fight numerous foes, solve puzzles, find secrets, and even enter various dungeons as you go. Forager is the game to play if you just want to have some fun and act like a kid. The game was developed by HopFrog and launched in 2019, and it costs $19.99 on Steam.

No Place Like Home (number 5)

Games in which you must rebuild a city are always entertaining to play. The major plot in No Place Like Home is different. Instead of fully destroying Earth and relocating to another planet, you and a few other individuals are the only ones remaining on Earth, while the rest have relocated to Mars. Your mission on Earth is to reconstruct the areas that have been damaged. Like other games like My Time at Portia, there are plenty of activities for you to do within the game. The game is now in early access, but the developers hope to get it out before the end of the year.

Games like My Time at Portia

No Place Like Home will then have three new zones, over 50 quests, over 5 new wild and farm animals each zone, 20 new crops, and 10+ agricultural equipment, because, after all, you need to cultivate and grow your farm, right? Furthermore, you will be able to recycle and reuse various resources in order to create something that will be beneficial to you. Chicken Launcher created No Place Like Home, which was launched in 2024. The game is now available on Steam for $9.99 with a 50% discount, and will retail for $19.99 once the full game is released. It’s one of the most effective substitutes for My Time at Portia.

6. The Island of Coral

Coral Island is a reimagined version of one of the classic games. Yes, there is a farm, numerous plants, and even characters with whom you can engage. Yes, there are more than ten of them, so that’s a good start. You have the option of simply resurrecting the town or going one step further and restoring the coral reefs to their former splendour. The game has a wide cast of characters from many walks of life.

Games like My Time at Portia

To keep your farm lively, you can develop your dream farm, expand the community, and even breed various farm animals. Furthermore, you may play the game at your own leisure, which means there is no need to hustle or be concerned about not completing the farm on time, etc. Later this year, the game will be released. Stairway Games produced the game, which will be released on Steam soon.

Hokko Life is number seven on the list.

Hokko Life is ranked eighth among the greatest games like My Time at Portia. You must construct a new village in this game. You begin by constructing numerous buildings with only a few tools. You are the village’s primary planner. For survival, you can hunt, craft, build, and even fish in the game. If you’ve played Animal Crossing New Horizon, you’ll recognize the source of this game’s inspiration.

Games like My Time at Portia

Even the aesthetics are quite similar to Animal Crossing, and playing the game for the first time can make you assume you’re playing Animal Crossing. Wonderscope produced the game, which is published by Team17, the same company that published My Life at Portia. The game was only recently released in June of 2024, and it is now in early access. For $19.99 on Steam, you can get it for your PC.

Garden Paws (nine)

The plot of Garden Paws is identical to that of Stardew Valley. It revolves around your grandparents donating their acreage to you so that you can build your home and the surrounding town so that people can relocate to the new town. Well, the game contains everything you’d expect, plus the opportunity to customize your character with over 400 different skins and 10 different animals. Plus, if you open your shop at a given time of day, you’ll see that a lot of people come in and buy things, indicating that your business is profitable.

Games like My Time at Portia

If you enjoy broadcasting, though, the game offers Twitch integration, which means that active spectators can become consumers in the game and purchase items from your store. It’s a really cool method to interact with the audience and the game. Bitten Toast Games created Garden Paws, which was launched in 2018. For $19.99 on Steam, you can get the game for your PC. You’ll enjoy playing this PC game that’s comparable to My Time at Portia.

9. Diner at the End of the World

So far, all of the games on this list of the top games like My Time at Portia have had you inheriting a farm in the hopes of bringing it and the community back to life. You are the last eatery on the last island with World End Diner. You’ll be in charge of farming, managing, and cooking meals for the animals who visit your diner. There are numerous food items awaiting your preparation and feeding to the animals and robots. What about the humans? They’ve been extinguished from the face of the Earth, and it’s up to you to survive and care for the animals.

Games like My Time at Portia

There are many sites to visit that are just waiting to be discovered. As you continue through the game, your character will receive various improvements and new skills will become available. With a release date of June 2024, the game is still very fresh. Andymente created World End Diner, which is available for $14.99.

Starvoly is number ten.

While most games make you feel good about where you live, Starvoly places you in a harsh setting with a slew of rivals to defeat. And, in order to live, you’ll have to put up your best effort by building, crafting, and assisting the people. It’s like if you’re living in the early stone age, where you have to take care of everything in order to survive. Oh, and for food, you can even hunt and kill animals.

Games like My Time at Portia

The game’s creators, Zeratd Gaming, have even bigger hopes for this fantastic title. You probably haven’t heard of this game since it was published in March of this year. There are no DLC or other editions of the game available. We’re hoping for more content to be released as a free update. Even if it is paid, it should be fine because the game is only $2.99 on Steam.

Island of Kyma Maker

So, at Kyma Maker’s Island, you’ve taken over as deputy mayor in lieu of your mother. As a deputy mayor, it is your responsibility to assume control of the city. You are in control and responsible for the city’s planning, operating, and evolution. You’re busy with city job, but you’re also on the watch for your mother, who has vanished. There are hints and mysteries strewn over the city to help you figure out where your mother is.

Games like My Time at Portia

Is it necessary to build the city? Build a relationship of trust with them and watch the construction work progress. This is the game you should be playing if you enjoy dark humor and jokes. Well, it’s entertaining, and you can explore the city thanks to its open environment. Kidness is developing Kyma Maker’s Island, which will be launched in 2024. On Steam, this single-player open-world game costs $11.99.

Summer in Mara (12.)

Summer in Mara follows the same pattern as the other games on the list. On an island that you own, you can explore, build, cultivate, and create. You take on the role of Koa, who is in charge of looking after the islands. What sets this game apart is its original story, as well as the game design and graphics, which make it appealing to the eye and enjoyable to play. Apart from managing your island, there are 20 others to explore as well as 25+ individuals to engage with in the game, making it a fun and engaging experience.

Games like My Time at Portia

After purchasing the DLC, you’ll have 300 tasks to accomplish as well as other content to unlock. The game’s day and night cycle has an impact on how the game advances. However, if you do not properly care for your islands, the Elit collaboration will come over and seize control of your island and the sea. Chibig designed this entertaining single-player game, which was launched in 2024. On Steam, this fantastic summer game will set you back $24.99.

13. Keeper of the Graveyard

It is what it is, according to the game’s title. You are in charge of a medieval cemetery. But how do you do it? To begin with, you perish in a vehicle accident that takes you to a cemetery. Given that you are in the medieval time, you must construct and ensign your graveyard in accordance with the ages. Well, it’s the same as building a city or a far in the previous games, only for this one, you’ll replace the farm with a graveyard. Should you be on the lookout for jump scares? Unless you play the game and find out, I doubt it.

Games like My Time at Portia

You will come across corpses, and it is up to you to decide what to do with them. You can either bury them or grind them up and sell them to the butcher for money; the choice is totally yours. Because it’s a graveyard, you’ll want to take as many shortcuts as possible when gathering resources. Lazy Bear Games created Graveyard Keeper, which was launched in 2018. This medieval graveyard game, which costs $18.99 on Steam, is one of the greatest alternatives to My Time at Portia.

Wasted World (#14)

Wasted Planet is set in a post-apocalyptic world plagued by warfare, pollution, and dwindling resources. That being stated, it is your responsibility to make use of the wasteland, clean it up, construct various objects, harvest various plants, and gather resources that you will require to survive. The next stage is to enhance output by adding machines and workstations once you have enough resources. You may also recycle a variety of things, which helps to protect the environment while also reducing trash.

Games like My Time at Portia

The game has 3D components, and the greatest thing is that it’s free. Being able to personalize your character in order to make it stand out. You may have even more fun with the multiplayer online option, which allows you and three other people to team up, complete chores, and fill the land with diverse things that make it part of a good and active metropolis. With so much fantastic fun to be had, you’ll want to play this game with your friends or other online players. Achrony produced Wasted World, which was released in 2024. However, the game is still in Early Access and may be purchased for $19.99 on Steam.

Circadian City (number 15)

Circadian City is the next best game like My Time at Portia on the list. There’s no denying that life simulator games are entertaining. But what if you wanted a life simulator with a little more entertainment? Circadian City is the game you should be playing right now. You can choose between two realms in the game: the Daylife and the Dreamworld. In the Day Existence section of the game, you play a character who goes to work, makes friends, and has a nice time, doing everything that a person would do in their normal day-to-day life.

Games like My Time at Portia

You have basic necessities as well as other factors such as lifestyle and stress that must be maintained and managed. Everything you want to do is in the Dreamworld section of the game. There are many topics you can craft around, including discovering new and mysterious personalities and perhaps achieving life goals you’ve always wanted to attain. Nowhere Studios created Circadian City, which was released in 2024. You may expect to pay roughly $11.99 for this early access game.

16. Grassy Skies

Here’s a game that was inspired by four distinct games, one of which is Harvest Moon. This is a true life simulator that doesn’t require any explanation. It’s just a game that simulates what you’d do in real life. You can make your character seem exactly the way you want it to.

Games like My Time at Portia

There are many things to do in-game, such as date someone, decorate your home, raise crops, and do anything else that the other games on this list can accomplish. Howling Moon Software created Verdant Skies, which was launched in 2018. This game is available for $19.99 on Steam.

Staxel, number seventeen

Here’s a game that blends Minecraft with Roblox graphics. In Staxel, you can expand your farm and pursue a variety of pastimes that you enjoy. It’s up to you to customize the community anyway you want. And enlist the assistance of a variety of community residents. You will be able to alter Staxel to your liking because it is a sandbox universe. On the farm, you can grow a variety of crops and even care for farm animals.

Games like My Time at Portia

Depending on how well you care for your farm and everything else, the farm will provide you with a plethora of things that you may use or sell to other villagers. If you’ve completed the most of the labor, the multiplayer mode allows you to bring your friends to the farm for even more fun. You can help one other tend to their farms, or simply be biome neighbors in Staxel’s vast open world if you’re good enough friends. Plukit developed Staxel, which was released in 2019. This Minecraft/Roblox-like game is available on Steam for $19.99.

18. The Seasons’ Story

Welcome to Mineral Town, where you’ll be able to visit your grandfather’s property. The village is lovely and full of life. The residents of the town and its environs are fairly friendly, and they will be more than happy to assist you and provide you with a wealth of knowledge, as well as introduce you to people you may have encountered throughout your childhood.

Games like My Time at Portia

Aside from farming and making the town a better place, you can give your character a life of his or her own by dating a character in-game and possibly raising a family that will help you take care of your farm. You can also go fishing, cook, or simply relax in the lake. In terms of graphics, the game appears to be on level with, if not better than, My Time at Portia. Marvellous Inc is working on a game called Story of Seasons, which will be launched in 2024. For $39.99, you can get it on Steam.

Harvest Moon: A Glimmer of Hope

Harvest Moon has spawned a slew of games that are eerily similar to it. One of the most well-known and greatest games in the genre, which has been appreciated by many. The light of Hope edition is a commemorative game for the game’s 20th anniversary. The plot is similar to the first, with you tending to your farms and such, except you survive a shipwreck and wind yourself in a tiny town. You anticipate people to be in town, but it’s completely deserted. As a result, it is up to you to begin a new life and take care of yourself. With only a few tools at your disposal, you must begin cultivating, rebuilding, and maintaining the lighthouse, which will be useful to all those travelling into the sea.

Games like My Time at Portia

As your community comes back to life, you gradually acquire new acquaintances and may even have a family later if you so desire. The game’s user interface is sleek and straightforward to use, with no unnecessary clutter of menus where you waste time going through options and options. If you’re new to a game like this, there are simple tutorials that will show you how to get started. Overall, a fantastic game that is even more enjoyable if you have previously played the Harvest Moon games. The game, which was developed by Tabot Inc and launched in 2017, costs $19.99 on Steam.

Starbound is number 20.

When you get lost in a spaceship and arrive on an unknown planet in Starbound, you have two options: save the universe or float around in space looking for empty planets. The game’s choices allow you to construct your own story. Once you’ve arrived on a planet, you’ll need to tend to the crops and keep an eye out for other rare materials from neighboring worlds.

Games like My Time at Portia

Aside from farming, you’ll get the opportunity to learn about old buildings, modern cities, and plant and animal life. In the beginning, you can choose from seven different races, as well as three different game styles. If you enjoy space in general, this is a must-play game with a life simulator set in space. Chuklefish created Starbound, which was launched in 2016. The game is available for $14.99 on Steam. Starbound is the final game in our list of the best PC games like My Time at Portia; now, let’s look at the mobile games that are similar to My Time at Portia.

Mobile games like My Time at Portia

21. Create a Pocket

Pocket Build is a fun little game that allows you to create your own world with whatever you desire. It’s more of an open-world sandbox game in which you can farm, raise livestock, help others, and play in an endless sandbox mode. This mode gives you access to a limitless amount of resources that are waiting to be utilised. There is also a survival mode in which you must rebuild the city from the ground up.

Games like My Time at Portia

There are no restrictions on what you can construct—a city, a fortress, or even a whole farm just to hang out with the animals and survive on anything you plant. Moonbear has produced this free-to-play game for Android and iOS.

The Sims Mobile is number 22 on the list.

Because there are multiple games in the series and they are available on various platforms, The Sims games have been popular for a long time. The Sims Mobile is a life simulation game in which you must do numerous chores similar to those that you would perform in the real world in order to survive. There’s a lot to enjoy in this game. From constructing your home to managing your business, there are many additional areas to explore, such as little gardens and other cities. You can even make new acquaintances at work or on the street and invite them to stay at your home.

Games like My Time at Portia

It may not appear to be a survival game at first appearance, but the main goal is to survive and have fun. If your character’s needs aren’t met, he or she may die. The Sims Mobile is a free Android and iOS game produced by EA. It’s one of the best My Time at Portia games, and you’ll enjoy playing it on your iPhone or Android.

You Are Hope (number 23)

This game is a hybrid of a survival, construction, and farming simulator. The game is enjoyable since you begin by being born in many locations, such as a farm, a city, or even the wilderness. You are either born to a player or take on the role of a young child tasked with gathering materials to assist in the construction of the home and farm with the other players. The game’s mechanics differ depending on where you were born. As you continue through the game and your character develops, you will be able to enlist other players to assist you in building and expanding the city or farm.

Games like My Time at Portia

You’ll need a lot of resources if you and the others are going to make it out alive. As your in-game character’s life draws to a close, you can examine the family tree to observe how things have progressed over time. The game costs $3.99 on both Android and iOS.

Hunter’s Legacy is number 24.

The game is quite similar to My Time at Portia. It all starts with you inheriting a completely barren plot of land from your forefathers. It’s your responsibility to create and farm out of it so that it can sustain you. You can participate in quests to obtain various materials. You must locate blueprints in order to manufacture weapons, hunt animals, and even learn 36 different attack skills.

Games like My Time at Portia

There are 29 levels to accomplish, and if you don’t provide food, water, and other necessities for your character to survive, you’ll have to say goodbye to it and start over. It’s a survival game, therefore if you don’t succeed, you’ll perish. Cinnabar Games created Hunter Legacy, which is available for free on the Play Store and App Store.

Fallout Shelter (#25)

Fallout Shelter is the final game on our list of the best mobile games like My Time at Portia. Fallout Shelter is more of a building and survival simulator in which you construct a massive subterranean vault to house people and turn useless garbage into useful items for the people who live there. Your employees will then be trained to work in a variety of jobs based on their abilities. After you’ve finished building your shelter vault, you can go ahead and explore uninhabited terrain, start working, and create a new vault there as well.

Games like My Time at Portia

Of course, as the vault’s chief occupant, it’s also your responsibility to maintain everyone’s safety and protect the refuge from numerous threats. Overall, a fun way to pass the time and a free game from Bethesda for Android and iOS.


The list of games that are similar to My Time at Portia is endless. Even more games are scheduled to be launched in the future months, even as early as 2024. These games are enjoyable to play because they are not timed and may be completed at your leisure, giving you complete peace of mind. Take a look at the games on this list and give them a shot. If you’ve played any of the games described above, please leave a comment and tell us about your experience.

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