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As humans, we all have a lot of energy rushing through our bodies, and it can create a lot of havoc if we’re not in control of our chakras. Throat chakra activation can help with any number of ailments, like headaches, sleep issues, anxiety, pain, stress, and more.

Ever since my sister told me about the chakras, I have been fascinated by the idea that the body has a central energy system, which dictates how we feel. It now seems that the chakras also play a role in our health. By activating the chakras with certain techniques, we can increase the flow of energy and gain positive benefits.

The Throat chakra is the 4th chakra. (Another way of describing it is the throat chakra, or the throat chakra energy, or the throat chakra as a chakra). The Throat chakra is located in the throat region. It has a circumference of 3 to 5 cm. This chakra has a lot of physiology and anatomy which is related to the medulla oblongata (the part of the brain which controls our throat, larynx, and vocal cords), the tonsils, the upper respiratory tract (and thus the throat chakra as a chakra). It is about communication, expression, and pronunciation. It can be activated by:

Do you sometimes feel like you don’t know what to say? I have found that sometimes I am unable to defend myself verbally.

After a conversation that didn’t go according to plan, I replay all the words in my head and think about what I could have said but didn’t. I turned around, replaying the conversation in my head until I got it right.

But by then, of course, the moment had passed, the conversation had taken place, and the discussion was over.

The inability to say what you want to say may be a blockage in the Throat Chakra, the energy center located above the sternal notch, below the thyroid. It is also called the 5th or Vishuddha. This important energy center is responsible for our speech, our creative expression, and our ability to be honest with those around us.

If the chakra energy system is new to you and you can barely meditate for 5 minutes, I recommend signing up for a free 30-day meditation challenge. He will guide you through a silent practice and help you become familiar with various spiritual discourses.

Inactive and hyperactive Vishuddha

If you don’t find balance in Vishuddha, your life will remain the same and things are unlikely to turn out the way you want.

An inactive or blocked throat chakra can manifest simply as a feeling of speechlessness. Other symptoms include lumps, sore throat, TMJ dysfunction, teeth grinding, ear infections, sinus infections or thyroid problems.

Lack of expression, misinterpretation or misunderstanding are also common. People think you’re fickle or unreliable. Being honest with yourself is also not easy and will lead to you giving ambiguous signals that can get you into trouble.

Someone who tends to be overbearing, critical and bossy is likely to have an overactive throat chakra. They may verbally insult others without regard to their feelings and opinions. They also raise their voices and interrupt. Because of this need to speak and be heard, they don’t listen well.

Vishuddha is known as the center of purification. This is where the energy within us is transformed into our manifestations in the physical world. The clarity of this chakra determines our success or failure in life. Guilt easily hides Vishuddha, so it is important to clear it by telling the truth, resolving conflicts with others and being honest with yourself.

Search for balance

By understanding the beauty and complexity of the throat chakra, we can begin to discover the healing powers of this energy center.

1. Maintain your physical health. The thyroid, parathyroid glands, vocal cords, esophagus, mouth, teeth, throat, trachea, cervical spine, neck and shoulders are important to the throat chakra. The underlying disorder or condition requires appropriate assessment and treatment by your physician.

2. Think diet and exercise. Healthy activity can stimulate and awaken this energy center. Organic soups, sauces and juices lubricate the mouth and soothe the throat. Fruits that are high in water also cleanse the body, and a juice detox gets the creative juices flowing.

Yoga twists promote blood flow to the throat chakra and cleanse the glands and tissues. Shoulder pose (Sarvangasana), plow pose (Halasana) and ear to knee pose or ear pressing (Karnapidasana) should help you!

3. Imagine the color blue. Vishuddha is associated with the color sky blue, and his image includes a Sanskrit symbol in the center of a blue lotus flower. Blue is also the color of truth, loyalty and wisdom.

If you focus on this image or surround yourself with blue, you can receive healing energies from the universe. The element of this chakra is ether or space. Sitting under the blue sky in the fresh air will help you balance your throat chakra with the help of nature.

4. Healing through language. Since a blockage in the throat chakra causes problems with self-expression, it is only natural that we find healing through speech. Try using a positive affirmation.

  • I’m good and I’m doing good.
  • I tell the truth to myself and others.
  • I speak freely and with confidence.
  • I can safely express my feelings and create the life I want.
  • Everything I do is an expression of love.

A 5th health

Words have enormous power. They can bring change, declare love or war, express our deepest desires. With this insight, we discover that our words, no matter how small or insignificant they may seem, have consequences.

When your throat chakra is balanced, you can express yourself in a healthy, honest and loving way! They are creative, responsive and able to ask for help when you need it.

You know what you want and need, and you’re not afraid to show your weaknesses. People are attracted to your honesty and creativity and respect you for your ability to speak candidly.

To Shanti.

The Throat Chakra is the 6th chakra located in the throat. This chakra is connected to our ability to communicate and to being able to sing and talk. Therefore, this particular chakra is associated with our voice and speech. Your chakras are like energy centers in your body. They are where your energy is stored and each one has its own purpose, depending on the chakra.. Read more about physical symptoms of blocked throat chakra and let us know what you think.


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