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Coach Jen Cooper is a fitness coach. She’s been in the fitness industry for 8 years and has experience working with women of all age groups. She’s helped women all over the world to become fit, healthy and confident.

Coach Jen Cooper is a fitness and nutrition coach located in Cincinnati, OH. She offers private coaching sessions and consultations for all fitness and nutrition goals. She is an on-air fitness expert on the radio show “The Coldsoulsthemovie” and on her podcast, “Coaches Corner” available on iTunes.

I know how excellent the trainers are since I work with them every day.

Jen Cooper is one of them, and you’ll meet her today. So that you, too, may learn about it.


Jen Cooper’s hair wasn’t always red. She has, nevertheless, always possessed the typical red-haired brightness.

Everything about her exudes positive energy, optimism, and drive, from her fast, purposeful stride to her contagious grin. After five minutes of talking with them, you’ll feel like old friends.

But watch out: Jen isn’t the sort of buddy who can make you feel warm and fuzzy; instead, she drags you down, down, down.

Instead, she’s a fun, crazy, and daring buddy who encourages you to dream big, dare to be different, and push beyond your limits in order to become the person you really want to be.

Isn’t that what you want from a coach, at the end of the day?


Being the best you can be entails more than just having a particular appearance; it also entails living a certain lifestyle.

Jen’s training philosophy is as follows.

She believes you must constantly remember – and believe – that sexuality, health, and power are not reliant on size, even down to your manicured and pink-painted toes.

It has an ethereal quality about it.

Jen is your cure if you’re afraid that exercise courses would condemn you to endless meals of steamed broccoli or interminable climbs in a stinky gym dungeon.

She adds, “I like to have a good time.” A healthy way of living does not have to be tedious or unappealing. It indicates you’re bold, alive, and eager to take on new challenges.

Jen’s happiness has always revolved on her physical fitness.

She was born and reared in Philadelphia, where she currently resides, and she was involved in ballet and gymnastics as a child. She majored in physical education, sports science, and physiotherapy at university.

It achieved mastery… during the Great Recession. Physical therapists have a limited number of employment opportunities.

So she went to work for a pharmaceutical firm, where she spent eight years as a sales representative.

It was a health-related project. Approximately. Even if it wasn’t quite what she had dreamed for, it did at least provide a good income – and the art of success.

Jen remembers, “I was a hothead with a Fendi purse and a corporate vehicle.”

She was a superwoman who had done marathons and Ironman triathlons, who went to the gym like a newspaper and provided fitness courses and personal training at the same time.

Jen was also the go-to person for her friends who had concerns regarding health and wellbeing.

She had a happy marriage. She was fortunate enough to live in a wonderful neighborhood. She had a good career that paid well, a beautiful clothing, and a slender physique. Jen’s life was undoubtedly considered to be ideal by some.

But she was concealing a nasty little secret: she was not only a serious organizer, but she was also put to the test, with regular and painful injuries as well as continuous weariness.

It seemed to be fully constructed from the outside. But everything about her was perplexing and nerve-wracking.

This is a common sensation among women.

Jen was chatting to one of her managers one day, who had come to her for health or sports advice.

While she temporarily forgot about her sales reports, she stayed receptive and soon became friends with her interviewer, asking the appropriate questions, providing resources, and proposing alternatives. He could see the glimmer in her eyes and hear the enthusiasm in her voice. Her muscles tingled with delight at the prospect of sharing what she was passionate about.

The director sighs, “If only you were half as enthusiastic about the pharmaceutical industry as you are about health and well-being.”

Jen was perplexed by the remark. But it also turned out to be a watershed moment for her, one of those uncomfortable but pivotal times that define our lives’ future paths.

His professional life has been a success by all objective measures. She has devised and put into action persuasive sales tactics. She mentored people, controlled the budget, and introduced a number of important products, consistently surpassing the company’s goals.

She was, nevertheless, passionate about exercise and health care. Don’t try to market medical remedies to those who already have health issues.

Jen made several significant actions following this discussion.

She thought aloud, “What am I doing?” What am I supposed to do with my one and only life?

She left her job, reclaimed her vehicle, ditched her work suit in favor of yoga clothes, and gave up trying to be Superwoman.

She admitted that it was frightening. My earnings have plummeted.

It also had to figure out how to determine success based on its own criteria rather than those of others. And that includes looking after herself and listening to herself as carefully as she would any of her customers.

I felt deep down that I was amazing and that my body and I deserved all of the love and attention I could offer.

The issue was that she had no clue how grooming should look, feel, or taste.

For the record, she laughs, I was fully aware that it didn’t taste like 72 tons of cabbage soup, and it’s not like your body needs it.

I knew I wanted something unique, but I had no idea what that would entail.

As a result, she embarked on a lengthy rehabilitation program and set out to study all she could about nutrition, functional mobility, anatomy, physiology, and strength training. Instead of working from the outside in, she chose to work from the inside out this time.

It was more essential to do than to know. They didn’t have adequate information. She want a thorough knowledge.


It had an effect on them.

She had no idea what to anticipate when she started the six-month program in 2009.

She was unsure how it would fit into her endurance workout. She stuck to the person she was before, despite her desire for a change.

As Jen is finding, this is typical consumer behavior. But she just knew she was irritated. She put in a lot of time and effort, but she didn’t get the results she expected.

According to her trainer Christa Schaus, many people may have questioned what she does in the NP coaching program.

She didn’t need to shed a lot of pounds. Nonetheless, she shared the same anxiety that motivated others to enroll in the program, and she aspired to be the best.

Jen’s talent was quickly recognized by Krista. But she also saw a lady who was tired and in desperate need of nutrition and a strong foundation.

Why don’t you give it a shot? She made a suggestion. Exactly the opposite should be done. Strength training should take precedence over endurance training.

Jen overcame her reservations and went for it.

Jen admitted that it was difficult at first. She claims that she had to let go of her previous life. I had to say my goodbyes to Jen, a triathlete.

It was difficult to let go of the part of me that excelled in and admired endurance sports.

But with PN coaching, I saw improvements very immediately, she says. Not only in terms of physical composition, but in terms of how it feels as well.

Jen eventually got so enamored with bodybuilding that she began competing, eventually winning the title of Miss Natural Philadelphia at the NGA Mr and Miss Natural Philadelphia Bodybuilding Championships in 2012.

When you moved from one sport to another, though, it was not simple to feel better. Jen felt better about herself because she was living her life in a way that was more consistent with her fundamental beliefs.

I was able to address imbalances and lack of integrity in my life because to PN coaching. Both emotionally and professionally, it altered who I was and who I wanted to be.

Jen was on the road to change even before she enrolled, but by the conclusion of the program, she had redoubled her efforts and obtained certifications in personal training and physiotherapy from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and.

Simultaneously, she worked with the homeless in her community, teaching them how to walk in order to boost their self-esteem and confidence. She went on to establish a successful women’s coaching business.

And each new research and experience reinforced the same message:

Everything varies depending on how you spend your life.

She explains, “I learned that being healthy, strong, and beautiful is about more than just biceps and broccoli; it’s also about relationships, interests, job, and spirituality.”

In hindsight, it seems self-evident. His continuous interests were, of course, exercise and health. She had to work full-time in this field, of course! At the gym, she even met her husband, John.

She chuckles as she recalls how he asked her to marry him during practice. They also biked throughout the Big Island of Hawaii on their first trip. She smiled as she reminisced about the 400 kilometers. It was a fantastic race!

However, need – or fear – may prevent us from pursuing our innermost desires. Jen knows what you’re going through since she’s been there. She understands that customers sometimes need assistance in seeing what they take for granted.

She also understands that there isn’t going to be a fast cure.

She replied, “I know you want one.” I also want a sparkling pony that helps me with housework! Neither, however, exists.

Instead, she suggests gradually forming habits. The alterations that occur are gradual yet long-lasting. It manifests from the inside out, rather than working from the outside in.


Jen specializes in assisting customers in identifying their stumbling blocks.

One customer struggled to get to the gym in the morning since it was her only option.

We established a nighttime routine of preparing lunches, getting ready for the day, and getting the family dressed for two weeks. What’s more, you know what? She went to the gym for the first time since giving birth to her children.

Another client’s variable work schedule made establishing routines in many aspects of her life challenging. The primary emphasis of coaching work has shifted to this.

She was able to prepare better meals, go to the gym, spend more time with her family, and keep the pounds off by adhering to a regular work schedule.

Jen’s effectiveness as a trainer stems from her ability to solve problems intelligently and practically, as well as her cheerful and happy personality.

Christa Schaus believes it was only natural for her to join PN. She is well-versed in NP concepts, and as someone who has taken significant risks and gone through significant transformations, she understands the anxiety, optimism, and exhilaration that her clients experience.

It’s almost as if she was made for this kind of job.

Jen’s nicknames, MiniCoop and MiniCooper, are well-deserved. It’s tiny, beautiful, economical, and unexpectedly powerful, much like the renowned British vehicle.

She is unpretentious, intelligent, and not afraid to get her hands dirty. She’ll whisk you away to your destination in legendary splendor and at breakneck speed. And it’ll make you giggle every step of the way.

When Jen is around, you can’t help but grin.


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