4 Reasons Why Gov. Rick Scott Is Spending So Much Money On Political Consultants

Source: sun-sentinel.com

It is not a secret that Florida’s governor Rick Scott is a big spender. And, how wouldn’t he be? By some estimations, Rick Scott is far wealthier than we might think. Some even consider him to be a billionaire, but that’s beside the point. We want to talk to you about today is why is Rick Scott spending so much money on political consultants when he’s been in politics for so long now. As a junior Senator and former governor of Florida, shouldn’t he be much better off saving money on that account and relying on his own expertise? Who knows. Nevertheless, here’s why he probably does it.

1. Expertise

Even though Rick Scott is an experienced politician, he is a businessman first and foremost. He has proved that he can make tough business decisions and make loads of money from them, but as far as politics go – he still needs some help. This is not a jab at him. This is something all politicians require. According to Scott Jason Cooper, most of them spend a lot of money on consultants because they want to minimize their mistakes, and quite frankly, even if they wanted to do it all alone – they couldn’t and scandals sometimes happen.

2. It Saves Money

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You might think this makes no sense, but you have to spend money to make money, as the wealthy say. Rick Scott knows that very well, and he’s willing to spend a lot of money on political consultants because, in return, he will gain knowledge that will allow him to make a lot more than he initially spent. That’s just Business 101, and if there’s one thing that Scott knows how to do – it’s to run a successful business.

3. It Saves Time

As we’ve said, even if they wanted to, politicians couldn’t possibly take care of every little thing on their own, let alone do all the necessary research in order to make a good political decision. It would just take way too much time off their hands. So, spending money on consultants allows Scott to save time. Time, which he will effectively use to earn that money right back.

4. Good Advice

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Political consultants are there to advise. They will provide a politician such as Scott with all the necessary information and objective truths that he will, later on, be able to use to his advantage. What kind of information he gets from his consultants – we don’t know. However, what we do know is that Rick Scott has been in the office for 11 years now. At first, he served back to back terms as a governor of Florida, and then, in 2019, he beat his opponent to become a US Senator.


We can only speculate why Rick Scott’s spending so much money on these consultants, but one thing we are absolutely sure about – he knows why he’s doing it. Scott’s been successful for years now, and he’s been in the office for over a decade; and even though he has made several controversial decisions in his career, he still managed to win all his battles and come out on top. Whether the consultants help with that doesn’t really matter. What matters is that whatever it is that he is doing – it is working.