Why Did Rosamund Pike & Christian Bale Barely Speak When Shooting Hostiles

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Hostiles was one of those movies you think about long after you’ve seen it. One of the things that made it this way is the magnificent performance from the entire main cast, especially Christian Bale and his co-star Rosamund Pike.

In one of the interviews, however, the aforementioned actress has given us a small sneak-peak behind the scenes. She said she and Bale barely spoke during the entire filming, and hardly know each other to this day.

Here we’ll explain just how and why this came to be.

The actress said she felt uncomfortable in her own role

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Pike plays a tragic character in Hostiles, a suicidal widow who has witnessed her family get murdered by Comanche Indians. She said that „being in that space“ has affected her emotionally, especially since she’s a mother herself. It’s one of the reasons she kept a distance from her coworkers, specifically Bale, whom she described as „very intense“.

Now, of course, this doesn’t mean the two actors had a dislike for each other, quite the contrary. They both got overly invested in their characters, which made it hard to create an of-screen relationship that reached beyond the professional bounds.

Christian Bale is famous for being a method actor

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Bale is famous for fully transforming into the characters he plays. He’s a known method actor who takes his roles incredibly seriously. It’s what makes his every performance so powerful and believable.

Perhaps it’s also one of the reasons he doesn’t come off as very approachable on set. Both he and Rosamund Pike are incredible professionals, so it’s not hard to see why they both „kept their distance“ during the shooting of Hostiles.

If you haven’t seen the movie in question just yet, we wholeheartedly recommend you do so. Scoot Cooper Miami based director of the movie deems it as one of his best works so far.

The relationship between the two characters they’ve played worked better this way

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Pike also said she thinks there was simply no need for them to communicate much, as their on-screen chemistry worked well without the off-screen relationship. Again, the characters they played are extremely complex and well-written, so the actors seemingly both decided they’re better off focusing on their own work.

The strategy seems to have paid off, as both of their performances are magnificently done. The way they interacted in the movie was perfect down to every single detail.

The two actors didn’t leave the set on bad terms

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Even though it’s not what you’d expect by reading the title, there’s no bad blood between Christian Bale and Rosamund Pike. They didn’t have any kind of „drama“ or fighting going on, it was simply hardcore professionalism on both sides.

In fact, in one of her interviews, Pike also mentioned she’d love to work with Bale again „as every actress would“. So, yes, perhaps we’ll see these two perform together in one of Scott Cooper Miami‘s new titles again! Who knows?