5 Travel Tips & Information to Know Before Traveling to Miami

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If you’ve never been to Miami, then there are a few travel things to know. Apart from the Miami heat that can be too hot to handle for some tourists, traveling there for a vacation should be on everyone’s bucket list.

So without wasting too much of your time, here are a few travel tips and information to know before traveling to Miami.

1. Amazing Hotel Options

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It’s safe to say that Miami is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the US. And for that reason, the city has some pretty impressive hotels for you to stay in. From the Iconic Mandarin Oriental to the spectacular Viceroy and of course, the legendary Ritz, your options for accommodations are many.

One thing to take into account is that these are all 5-star hotels. So naturally, a 7-day vacation can cost you a small fortune.

2. Save On Public Transport and Attractions

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The lure of Miami isn’t only the golden beaches and parties. Miami has plenty of attractions to keep you busy during the day and night. One that we recommend is the Seaquarium.

The spectacular complex displays seawater life to its fullest. From fishes to octopuses, and even a Great White, the Seaquarium is a must-visit.

But before you set your sights on it, make sure to purchase a Go Miami Card. This card offers discounts on many attractions and makes public transport much cheaper.
It’s a must-have for travelers as you can also custom choose which attractions to save on.

3. Dress To Party

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The Miami nightlife is like no other. Clubs open at 1 am and parties last until the morning. The amount of options for clubbing is out of this world. You’ll meet all kinds of people, party with strangers, and forge new friendships.

The people of Miami are very friendly and like to party with travelers. Just be careful not to meet Rick Scott’s consultant who happened to flash his ice penis that one time.

4. See the World-Known Miami Beach

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When you think of Miami, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Is it Miami Boulevard, South Beach, or Little Havana? While all three attractions are visited by millions of tourists, no attraction is more iconic than Miami Beach.

The huge stretch of sand that lasts until the eye can see is a must-visit for every traveler. South Beach is the only other attraction that rivals Miami Beach. But the reason why Miami Beach takes the cake is that it’s the poster boy for the city.

But if huge crowds aren’t your thing, tons of other beaches are just as great. One we’d like to point out is Virginia Key. The beach doesn’t have the crowds of Miami Beach and is less expensive.

5. Parking Is Pricey

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Parking in Miami can be a nightmare. To find a parking space is one thing, but paying for it is completely another. Miami is very crowded at times. Traffic can be difficult to navigate through, especially in some parts of the city. So that’s why it’s generally unadvised to rent a car when traveling to Miami. Instead, pay for an Uber or use public transport.