Latest Windows 11 Dev build finally hits the Beta channel


After months of delays, Microsoft has finally released the final version of Windows 10 to the public, and the upgrade is finally available for everyone. We know from some early leaks that not everyone was happy with the build, but what’s more important is that the company has learned from the feedback and addressed the most important issues. We’ve been expecting the final release for a long time, so it’s nice to finally get it.

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  • Windows Insiders will be thrilled to learn that build 22000.100 is now available in the beta channel.
  • This version is designed to be less volatile than the others and provide a more consistent experience.
  • Unlike the Dev previews, beta isn’t restricted to highly technical users and is free of some of the rough edges.
  • The Redmond-based software firm also raised awareness of some of the recognized difficulties that can arise when using the beta channel.


Finally, Microsoft has published the first beta version of Windows 11, which is only available to Windows Insider Program members.

Until recently, trying out Windows 11 required installing the Dev preview. There was no issue there, except for the fact that Microsoft stated that this version was intended for highly technical people due to its rough edges.

This beta version is meant to be less volatile, thanks to Microsoft’s validation of builds. Despite this, you’ll probably want to install Windows 11 on a secondary drive or a test device.

Microsoft has officially opened the beta Insider channel to the public.

Microsoft stated it will be paying close attention to how 7th Gen Intel and AMD Zen 1 CPUs perform with Windows 11 now that the testing period has been extended.

This means that while such system builds may be able to run the beta, they will very certainly not be able to run the final release.

Many people are hoping that now that the beta has been announced, we won’t have to deal with the heinous problems we’ve had in recent weeks.

However, just because Windows 11 has begun beta testing does not guarantee that it will be free of problems or flaws.

Contrary to popular belief, we will still encounter lots of them, but Redmond claims that this will be a far more pleasant experience than the previous one.

We’re very thrilled to share that Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22000.100 is now available in the Beta Channel for Windows Insiders! Insiders in the Beta Channel should read this blog post from June 28th, which highlights all of the new features in Windows 11 that you should try out and provide us feedback on as you use it! Always review the list of known issues in the blog post below for anything that can have an impact on your PC experience. Since the release last week, we’ve added a few more known issues reported by Insiders in the Dev Channel.

However, even with all of the faults, crashes, and missing features, it’s still wonderful practice for when the actual thing arrives.

Microsoft has even compiled a comprehensive list of current Windows 11 bugs, including the fact that the Teams Chat functionality that we have in the Dev channel is not yet available for beta customers.

The following are some of the other issues we’re likely to encounter in this version:

  • Unless Settings is already open, links to certain Settings pages do not navigate to the relevant page in Settings.
  • The wording in the UAC dialog is not presented correctly for some Insiders. This problem affects Insiders who aren’t using EN-US.
  • Sandbox is a feature of Windows.

So, if you’re an early adopter searching for a way to test out Windows 11 in a more reliable environment, now’s your chance.

We shouldn’t be scared to get our hands filthy and turn the OS on its side to extract every last ounce of information.

After all, it’s our collective comments that will help Microsoft iron out all the kinks before delivering a reliable final product.

Have you subscribed to the Beta Insider channel yet? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below.

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