[Video] Fitness 2.0: The next generation of fitness


We are living in a time where technology has evolved to make the lives of many people easier. Fitness trackers and other health-related wearable devices are becoming more popular. However, what if instead of using a device to track your steps you could just use your smartphones to get a physical, digital, and accurate measure of your lifestyle?

We are currently in the middle of a huge revolution in health and fitness, evolving from a ‘movement’ to a ‘culture’. This revolution was started by the invention of the smartphone, and it’s far from over. Everything is changing, and we’re all becoming more active; people are flocking to online courses and smartphone fitness apps to improve their fitness. It’s a renaissance, and it’s just beginning.

The technology that promises to change the way we workout is called fitness 2.0. It is actually more than a simple update to the fitness industry, it is a change in how we work out. New technology has come out that allows us to connect to the internet and get the exact workout we want. This technology is called fitness 2.0. The best part of fitness 2.0 is that it allows us to do our workouts anytime, from anywhere.

Take a look around. In the worlds of exercise and nutrition, things are changing.

Technologies, particularly web and mobile technology, has forever altered people’s ability to stay healthy and fit.

I’m calling it Fitness 2.0 because we’re experiencing a genuine revolution – and it’s a big one.

Here’s why you should pay attention, whether you’re a fitness professional who coaches others or simply want to get in better shape.

Part 1 of a two-part series on the future of fitness

Aerobics and jogging were the fitness beta. Gyms and health clubs were fitness 1.0. Both were exclusionary and/or expensive, and both had significant drawbacks. All of it is being turned on its head by Fitness 2.0. Learn more about Fitness 2.0 and how it’s changing the way people get in shape by clicking here.


Part 2 of the fitness future

Fitness 2.0 promises to make fitness possible for anyone & accessible to everyone in a very affordable way. It also promises to make things more fun and more engaging. Click here to learn the nine ways Fitness 2.0 is different. And how it’ll change the game for exercisers and fitness professionals alike.


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Fitness is a truly fascinating industry. Since the dawn of time, fitness has been an issue for the very wealthy, the socially elite, and the very poor. In the modern era, fitness has become a commodity for the masses, leading to a booming industry of fitness equipment, gym memberships, and health clubs. This boom has led to a massive wave of data about what we eat, how much we exercise, and how we live. The problem is, this data cannot be used effectively to analyze and improve the fitness industry, since fitness isn’t an industry, but a lifestyle.. Read more about men’s fitness motivation and let us know what you think.

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